MLB No Vig Vegas Lines

Many sites show the over under of a game, and how many runs each team will score based off of Vegas betting lines. RotoCurve takes it to a whole new level, taking the “vig” or “juice” out of Vegas betting lines to let you know EXACTLY how many runs each team is projected to score.

Last updated
Team Opponent Time[ET] Total 15m Open Line 15m Open FD FP DK FP SA % Change
Houston Astros Philadelphia Phillies 3.85 3.85 3.78 -139.00 -139.00 -131.50 70.34 53.33 4.90 -21.49%
Philadelphia Phillies Houston Astros 3.05 3.05 3.12 139.00 139.00 131.50 56.86 43.25 4.66 -34.57%