MLB No Vig Vegas Lines

Many sites show the over under of a game, and how many runs each team will score based off of Vegas betting lines. RotoCurve takes it to a whole new level, taking the “vig” or “juice” out of Vegas betting lines to let you know EXACTLY how many runs each team is projected to score.

Last updated 10:34 PM
Team Opponent Time[ET] Total 15m Open Line 15m Open FD FP DK FP SA % Change
Milwaukee Brewers Los Angeles Dodgers 3.65 3.65 3.61 -104.00 -104.00 109.50 70.96 54.27 4.57 -20.11%
Los Angeles Dodgers Milwaukee Brewers 3.58 3.58 3.84 104.00 104.00 -109.50 68.01 51.47 4.84 -26.04%