Week 9 – TNF Targets

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The Colts host the Jets tonight on Thursday Night Football as a 10 point favorite with the total set at 45. Pretty crazy that we’ve reached the halfway point of the season, its going by fast. However while it’s still around, we intend to make the most of the coming weeks and if you ask me, DFS is the best way to do that. In order to get the week started in the right direction we took a look at our projections and using them have generated several optimal lineups in order to have you heading into Thursday night with the leg up. Check out some of the players we recommend targeting:

Jonathan Taylor – This might be on the chalkier side but the field of players to chose from tonight is slim. Some may be deterred because the strength of the Jets defense actually lies within their front 7 but regardless, this is a unit that is dead last in allowing fantasy points to RBs. Taylor is versatile and when he’s on his game there is no stopping him both on the ground and through the air. In my opinion his one of the best pass catching RBs in the league and it could be on display tonight. His workload could be increased if the Colts are ahead as well which is expected taking into account the spread. Admittedly there’s not much upside in this target given that he is one of the most expensive selections on the board but if you believe he’s in line for a big game like I do, you need to spring for this investment. Taylor is our top start of the night given that he’s included in 85+% of our lineups on both FD and DK.

Ashton Dulin – After the 3 most expensive selections tonight (Both QBs and Taylor) these starts become more or less darts. If the strength of the Jets defense lies in their front then it would only make sense for the Colts to attack through the air. Dulin is looked over when listed next to Pittman or Pascal which makes him an appealing GPP start even though his projection doesn’t jump off the page. Furthermore, there’s not enough value in either of the other two Indianapolis receivers to consider them a more viable target than Dulin even though on the surface it looks like they bring a lot more to the table. What is really comes down to is if you are looking to take a shot with a Colts receiver (and it makes sense to) you might as well do it with the cheapest, least owned option. We’ve included Dulin in 83% of our DK lineups but much less on FD.

Michael Carter –  If you’re going to target somebody on the Jets, let me suggest Carter. Mike White played extremely well last week and maybe even played himself into a career somewhere but before we get ahead of ourselves lets remember that this is going to be his 2nd career start. The Colts defense may not be a top tier one but they’re definitely capable of taking him back down to earth which means Carter could be leaned on a little extra tonight. Carter has been on the rise in his past few performances cracking the Sunday rushing leader chart on 2 of the last 3 Sunday and even though the Colts stop the run pretty effectively, he’s worth targeting. He’s maybe slightly overvalued in price and i also feel strongly that the Colts get right tonight so if you steer in another direction with this one it’s understandable but don’t be surprised if he plays his role on the Jets offense the best. We’ve included Carter in more than half of our lineups on both platforms but recommend him much more confidently in DK.