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Adam Pfeifer

Senior Analyst at RotoCurve
Adam Pfeifer is one of the youngest minds in the industry, but has been writing about fantasy sports since 2012. He has been featured on Sirius XM Fantasy as well as the Pro Forecast magazines, and when he isn't writing about or playing fantasy sports, you can find him on Twitter @APfeifer24 salivating over Kyrie Irving and Tyrod Taylor.
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Yes, this is Sanders’ Studs.

No, I am not Ricky Sanders.

If I was, you’d somehow hear me breathing heavily over your computer, while gushing over Mitchell Trubisky. Oh and I definitely would have made a horrible pun by now. But I can promise you that is not going to happen. No, not on this day. I would never tell a lie.


Speaking of The Greek Freak, Ricky will be watching that man live this evening, hence the reason I am filling in for him. The guy looks like a legitimate MVP candidate and a truly unstoppable force. Anyway, I will try to do my best to fill Ricky’s role today.

Basketball is back.


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