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RotoCurve NFL – Week 11

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Welcome to Week 11! There is a 10-game main slate, with primetime games and more offered as well. Let’s continue the momentum!


PREMIUM Articles

  • The great Brian Healy provides you with a Cheat Sheet that details his favorite plays, stacks, touchdown picks, his edge and much more. Tap into a DFS pro now!
  • Move the Chains by Josh Collacchi provides you with a breakdown of this week’s top cash plays for your cash lineups, as he details research and RC projections.


PREMIUM Tools and Projections

  • Check out our NFL Cheat Sheet, created just for you depending on your favorite DFS site. Here you’ll see projections, Vegas info, and some other player stats.
  • Our projections page is led by one of the top projections-builders in Ricky Pyne and this page allows you to see breakdowns by positions, projection, and projections per dollar to find value.
  • Our NFL Live Odds page is a great tool, showing current and opening odds, line movement, number of bets placed on each team and more. Also, it’s FREE!
  • If you are a premium NFL member, be sure to join our Slack!
  • Tie it all together and get winning DFS lineups in our OPTIMIZER!


FREE Tools and Podcast

  • Find each team’s current IMPLIED total here.
  • Listen to our FREE podcasts here!
  • Adam Strangis does a terrific VALUE play breakdown. FOR FREE.

In addition, you can find access to a plethora of other services in the RotoCurve Marketplace!