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NFL Sunday Night Notes – Week 9

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This will be a very loosely structured “article” that is mostly just notes, fragments and observations from the day of NFL action.

This is where I start to put together next week’s Game by Game article and this is meant to be a peek behind the curtain. Some will be mentioned on the podcast, other notes mill be used moving forward.

This is the foundation to guide us into the following week. FREE each week!


AFC East

New England Patriots 

Bye Week

Miami Dolphins 

I feel like the Dolphins fantasy production can be summed up by Kalen Ballage – 24 touches, 45 yards. How they won this game will be a mystery for awhile, but the FitzMagic spell might be wearing off. You know, the same way it always does. Even my guy Mike Gesicki couldn’t get anything done and I think the only starter for fantasy might just be DeVante Parker as a flex.

New York Jets 


Sam Darnold scored twice but that was about it. 230 passing yards against this defense is pretty underwhelming.

Le’Veon Bell had a long carry today of four yards. That’s it. Yikes. 22 touches turned into a Ballage-esque 68 yards and the touchdown sort of saved his day.

Robby Anderson has had one 92 yard touchdown and has disappeared through the season otherwise. I’m not sure Demaryius Thomas should lead a team in targets at this juncture, but Adam Gase.

Buffalo Bills 

I’ve been pretty upfront about believing Josh Allen has taken strides this year. He shouldn’t be throwing 40+ times almost ever, especially when the game is within a score the entire way. That’s just not what the Bills are setup to do. He still had a solid fantasy day with two rushing scores.

Maybe I was a bit too fast to bite on Devin Singletary. I don’t understand him only getting 11 touches and it was a harsh reminder of what a rookie can bring as far as floor if the coaches just inexplicably don’t follow what worked the previous week.

John Brown’s streak of at least 50 yards receiving lives on

AFC West

Denver Broncos 

Bye Week

Kansas City Chiefs 


Patrick Mahomes slid right back in for nearly 450 yards and three touchdowns.

Is this enough to make Damien Williams the guy down the stretch? LeSean McCoy didn’t play and Williams had over 100 total yards on the day.

I talked about Tyreek Hill being an elite GPP pivot and didn’t have enough exposure, and he went OFF for 11/157/1. When Mahomes is pushing right up at 450 yards, that’s going to happen. Even Travis Kelce got into the action with a touchdown.

Los Angeles Chargers 

Goodness gracious, Philip Rivers was awful in this one. Matthew Stafford put up over 400 passing yards on this team three days earlier and Rivers should have thrown about 2,437 interceptions in this one(the math checks out). He was shot putting turkeys everywhere. Erik Harris is not a Charger!

Melvin Gordon owners are dancing in the streets and it only took 10 weeks for the pick to start paying off. I’m a bit worried about Austin Ekeler if MG is getting it into gear.

Keenan Allen should have had an even better day, but Rivers was stink and he got tackled on a play near the end zone for pass interference. Hunter Henry also should get a nice dinner at the expense of Rivers because he was open a LOT.

Oakland Raiders 

Can’t knock them for winning, but this was a very quiet game for the Raiders offense. Only Josh Jacobs made you happy and you have to hope this isn’t the trend. It was nice to see five targets for Jacobs.

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens 

Lamar Jackson, have a day young man. 288 total yards, four touchdowns and only three quarters of work. That’s a good day at the office.

Mark Ingram only had to carry the ball nine times, so it’s hard to say he didn’t play well. They just didn’t need him.

It’s been a long time, but Mark Andrews finally reminded owners that life is good with him and scored twice on a team leading eight targets. Even Hollywood Brown hauled in all four of his looks and scored.

Cincinnati Bengals 

I missed on Joe Mixon going nuts, but this offense did little to inspire hope under the leadership of Ryan Finley.

Cleveland Browns 

Baker Mayfield didn’t throw an interception so….progress?

If you’re a Nick Chubb owner, you’re happy with 22 touches but the 11 for Kareem Hunt makes you a little queasy. Nine targets in the passing game for Hunt will bite into the floor for Chubb without a doubt.

I’m still waiting on the Odell Beckham game and constantly miss the Jarvis Landry game

Pittsburgh Steelers 

I hammered Mason Rudolph last week and still don’t think he’s great, but throwing for 242 yard while the running game only generates 42 yards isn’t that shabby at all.

I’ll be playing some James Washington next week, as it seems like he’s starting to put it together a little bit. Over the past five games, he has 27 targets. JuJu continues to do very little in this offense and with the defense playing so well, that won’t change soon. The steelers haven’t needed it too.

AFC South

Houston Texans 

Bye Week

Indianapolis Colts 

39 passes for Brian Hoyer seems….ill-advised. The three interceptions proved that to an extent and if fans wanted to know how important Jacoby Brissett was, they have their answer.

With how rough the offense was overall, Marlon Mack owners were probably lucky to get 82 total yards.

Hoyer only passed for 200 yards, so none of the pass catchers really did much. Eric Ebron turned 12 targets in five receptions, and no other player topped four.

Jacksonville Jaguars 

Bye Week

Tennessee Titans 

Ryan Tannehill led the drive that put them ahead, I’ll give him that. He only threw the ball 19 times so I can’t really harp on him.

The Reason he only threw the ball 19 times is because Derrick Henry was being a Mack truck, bullying his way to 188 rushing yards and two touchdowns.

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys

Dak Prescott threw 46 times and he should have thrown more instead of running Ezekiel Elliot against the brick wall that was Minnesota tonight. The Cowboys had Amari Cooper, Randall Cobb and Michael Gallup all go over 75 yards and lost. That’s impressive.

New York Giants 

Daniel Jones was awesome in the box score with four touchdowns to just one turnover.

I have no real answers for Wayne Gallman rushing for two yards and having more yards than Saquon Barkley on 13 carries.

I also didn’t see Darious Slayton going for 10/121/2 on 14 targets, regardless of how poor the Jets pass defense is. It made Golden Tate going for 4/95/2 seem downright pedestrian by comparison.

Philadelphia Eagles 

Bye Week

Washington Redskins 

Bye Week

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals 

This was the big game out of Kyler Murray we all kind of expected.

David Johnson continues to find ways to put the screws to his owners

Christian Kirk was much chalkier than I thought on Sunday, and he destroyed most of the lineups I didn’t have him in with a slate leading three touchdown receptions. Andy Isabella broke another 55 yard reception and saw three targets which is very interesting.

Los Angeles Rams 

Bye Week

San Francisco 49ers


Seattle Seahawks 


NFC North

Chicago Bears 

Mitchell Trubisky threw for three touchdowns and still stinks.

David Montgomery was a massive letdown with only 60 rushing yards and zero targets in the passing game.

Trubisky passed for 173 yards, there’s nothing here past Allen Robinson.

Detroit Lions 

It’s nice to see Jeff Driskel float value for Marvin Jones and Kenny Golladay, but this offense is really running without a good bit of talent. Tread carefully until(if) Stafford makes it back.

Green Bay Packers 

Aaron Jones had a massive day, Davante Adams had a nice day, and that was about it from Green Bay. The carries were dead even between Jones and Jamaal Williams again, however.

Minnesota Vikings 

Dalvin Cook is a machine and Kirk Cousins just guided them through this one. Kyle Rudolph turned in a tilting line of 4/14/2.

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons 

They walked into New Orleans and beat the Saints with Matt Ryan only throwing for 182 yards. I’m still not sure how that happened. Nobody on the Falcons had a good fantasy dy, this game was totally bizarre.

Carolina Panthers 

CMC had another 130+ yards and a score. He should have had two if it wasn’t for his own offensive lineman getting in the way.

I wouldn’t put much into Greg Olsen getting 10 targets here, as that won’t happen often. DJ Moore got the target lead, but Curtis Samuel closed the gap with a touchdown.

New Orleans Saints 

The Saints were on ye last week but may as well still been on it this week. What an absolute choke job by this team today, unless your name is Michael Thomas.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

Jameis Winston throws for nearly 360 yards and Ronald Jones has eight receptions, and Mike Evans and Chris Godwin get the short end of the stick. Makes total sense. Also, don’t let anyone tell you tight ends vs the Cardinals aren’t a VERY REAL THING.