NBA Optimizer Upgrade: Who’s Hot

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Have you ever wanted to build a lineup based on who’s been playing well the last 2 games? 5 Games? 10 Games? Well now you can!! We’re happy to announce our UNIQUE upgrade to our NBA Optimizer “Who’s Hot”!



Some of the features of the new Who’s Hot Optimizer include:
  • Choose between 1 – 10 games of the players last played games
  • Decide how much weight you want to use between the normal projections and who’s hot
  • Quickly slide the weighted bar and see the projections for that player change in real time
  • See all games 1-10 and their Fantasy Points Per Minute (FPPM)
  • Easily see how their “Hot” projections compare to their normal with our +/- column
  • Who’s Hot ignores games if a player had a long layoff