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Back tonight with 10 games on the NBA slate to look at. If you’re having trouble setting a DFS lineup, take a look at who we have our eye on. When taking into account the current listed salaries for each player on the two most popular DFS websites currently active this is who has been utilized the most frequently for our contests.

SG: Anfernee Simons (POR) – Simmons isn’t somebody who jumps off the board tonight unless you know to look for him. He’s a fairly decent start for GPP contests and comes into his matchup tonight in a good spot to produce. He expected to see a boost in time spent on the floor and for the majority of those minutes he’s going to be covered by Trae Young who’s a below average defender. His DVP is nearly 6% below league average which cracks the door open for Simons who might benefit from a push in the right direction. On his own the Portland guard generates only .75 fantasy points per minute which isn’t much but when you factor in his price and potential, he’s well worth a look on tonight’s slate.

SF: Jimmy Butler (MIA) – It probably wont take much convincing to target Butler tonight but lets point out a few key fantasy angles anyway. He generates on average 1.3 fantasy points per minute which of course makes him somebody you want to target for DFS. He’s going to be one of the most expensive options at this position but with that you can expect a return on your salary investment nearing 4.8x. Tonight he’ll be matched up against Draymond Green who similar to Trae Young has a DVP below the league average by about 5% which doesn’t exactly make him an ideal candidate to match up against Butler. We’re only expecting him to be targeted by about 10% of the field making him a very appealing GPP look if you haven’t already made him a consideration.

C: Daniel Gafford (WAS) – There are a few things lining up for Gafford tonight making him a great DFS target. Above all else, his matchup is extremely flattering. During his time spent on the floor, he’s going to be matched up against Mason Plumlee who we like to target quite a bit. His DVP is 8% worse than the league average making for an large mismatch in favor of Gafford who generates 1.17 fantasy points per minute. The price is also right on Gafford and if targeted, you can expect a return on your investment nearing 5.8x making him one of the most valuable big men on the board. His projected ownership creeps up into the 20s but regardless he’s a live target for both cash and GPP