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After a quite night in the league, the NBA is back today and comes at us with a massive slate. To be exact, we’re going to see a total of 13 games tip off across the league which means the field of DFS targets is vast. If you plan on partaking in a contest but are having trouble setting your lineup, take a look at our top starts by position…

PG: James Harden (BRO) – Across the board tonight Harden has been utilized in the highest percentage of our lineups at this position although generally he’s listed as a SG. He has multiple factors working for him and even though he’s one of the most expensive options on the board he should be well worth it. He’s expected to see a significant boost in time spent on the floor which brings upside to any player but the cherry on top here is the matchup. The indication is that Harden is likely to be guarded by Eric Gordon who is a below average defender. On average he gives up just under 7% more fantasy points per minute to his guarded players and Harden is someone who is more than capable of capitalizing on this. If you include Harden it’s likely that somewhere along they way you’ll have to throw a dart or two but that not a bad thing. You don’t want to leave Harden out of your lineup tonight.

SG: Bradley Beal (WAS) – There are a few directions that you can go in tonight which is pretty much the case all the way down the line. We like Beal at SG tonight because of his matchup. Cade Cunningham gets a pass because he’s still in his first year and adjusting to the professional level however that means nothing to the numbers. He tends to allow his guarded players nearly 9% fantasy points per minute then their average which lines up nicely for Beal. On his own he’s capable of generating more than a fantasy point per minute and although he hasn’t quite played up to this standard in recent performances, tonight he’s in a good spot to get back on track. He’s included in more than half of our lineups on both platforms but his utilized slightly more on DK. Regardless of where you play we recommend Beal as a strong consideration tonight.

SF: Chris LeVert (IND) – Tonight LeVert is the only player who’s been included in 100% of our lineups on both FD and DK. He’s listed at an extremely reasonable price making him an easy target and with your investment you can expect a near 6x return on your investment. He’s got a few things working for him which creates a situation thats almost identical to Beal’s but you’re getting him for about $3000 less. He’s capable of generating just over 1 fantasy point per minute and tonight you can expect this to be boosted given his matchup. He’s expected to go up against Evan Fournier who allows his guarded players about 5% more fantasy points per minute then their average so when you stack LeVert up against anybody else at this position, the upside isn’t a very close comparison. We’re very high on LeVert tonight and recommend targeting him for your lineup.

F: Robert Covington (POR) – This was the hardest position to decide on a target for because there are good options all across the board. On DK this is an elite start and he’s our highest targeted player at PF however on FD he falls back into the mix of players significantly. He’s priced extremely cheap on and you can expect a return on this investment nearing 6.6x depending on your platform of choice. This is due to a combination of a minutes boost and a favorable matchup against Draymond Green. Green has had trouble improving his DVP and tends to allow his opponents to generate much more then their average. To reiterate, this is a much better start on DK and that’s due to a listed salary difference. If you’re on FD you should still keep Covington in mind but also keep on eye on players like Jaren Jackson, Aaron Gordon, and Julius Randle.