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DFS MLB Stacks To Target

The name speaks for itself, these are the top stacks to target based on a few factors included below. Vegas information, pitcher numbers, ballparks, and more!

If you see a blank cell for pitchers, it means they do not qualify for amount of batters faced for that particular stat.

TRGT = Team to Stack

OPP = Opposing Team

L/R = Handedness of Pitcher

wOBA vL or vR = Weighted On-Base Average against to lefties/righties

SLG vL or vR = Slugging Percentage against to lefties/righties

HRr v L or vR = Home run rating against to lefties/righties

BPr = Ballpark Rating

FAV = Vegas Line Favorite

O/U = Over/Under: Projected Run total per Vegas 

Vegas = Vegas rating for given stack

AVG = Combined Rating

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