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FantasyDraft and Rake Free DFS

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We’re just a little over a week from the start of football and under 14 days until the first glorious Sunday full of pigskin goodness all day long.

Daily fantasy sports have completely taken over the landscape of fantasy sports to the point that most states have it but there is a site out there that gives you one of the best chances to go home a winner –

Rake Free DFS

If you’re new to DFS, one of the most important elements of playing is contest selection and understanding the payout structure of said contest. The host site always takes a certain percentage for themselves and the rate varies by contest. However, FantasyDraft has moved to a RAKE FREE structure, helping players of every level. This sounds too good to be true, right? Well, FantasyDraft has done it and the setup they use is really geared towards the players.

Not only can you play up to $100 a month worth of entries at NO charge and NO rake, the subscriptions to the site are tiered based on how much you play. They cater to you and now the players have a higher chance at seeing green for a profit.

Think of it like this –

If you’re a winning player, you’re saving the money you play on the rake at other sites and you can feed it into entry fees. This is basically compounding your winnings, meaning the return rate just grows as you win.

If you’re a break-even player, there is now a larger percentage of the field that gets paid out and if you’re newer or have suffered some losses, no rake helps extend your bankroll as you learn how to win. Regardless of what type of player you are, the experience is enhanced at FantasyDraft.

As was mentioned earlier, the packages to sign up are tiered to how much you play. You’re a casual player who won’t play more than $200 in a month? No problem! That’s just $5.99 for the month. $6 for a month worth of rake free contests pays for itself almost instantly, and imagine how much rake you would pay at other sites! Say you’re a high roller and maybe you want to play up to $25,000 a month in entries. Yes, some people literally play that much a month. #Goals, am I right? Even as a high roller, it’s just $50 a month.

It’s real. Get ahead of the curve and play Rake Free DFS on FantasyDraft.

Here’s the really fun part – FantasyDraft has the best setup for NFL in the DFS landscape, in my opinion. You have $100,000 for the salary cap and your team is a QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE and TWO Flex players with a D/ST. I’ve never seen any other site offer a double flex spot and roster construction can be SO unique in this format. If you want to play four bell cow runnings backs, FantasyDraft lets you do it!

I will be playing some bankroll on FantasyDraft, and I’m very excited about it. The Rake Free setup and the roster construction is so far different than any site I know of, and I can’t wait to get started.

I hope you join me at FantasyDraft and over at RotoCurve. Let’s meet at the top of the leaderboards!