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Ricky Sanders
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Ricky Sanders

Director of Puns at RotoCurve
Ricky Sanders is a fantasy sports expert with over 15 years of playing experience. In March of 2017, he officially joined RotoCurve as VP of Operations.

His daily MLB premium article "Sanders' Studs", has quickly become a must read for all serious DFS players. You can also find Ricky every day on the RC Twitter account, providing FREE analysis via periscopes. Ricky is also a proud and active member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association.
Ricky Sanders
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After a long-awaited arrival, FantasyDraft has launched their golf product! Contests are live and readily available in the lobby for users to join and play in advance of this week’s DEAN & DELUCA Invitational.

In concurrence with FantasyDraft’s motto of putting “Players First” and gearing their products towards the masses, pricing is slightly looser than competing sites. Also, at least 25-percent of participants are guaranteed to be paid out in all GPP formats.
FantasyDraft has taken a similar approach to DraftKings (DK) idea on golf and essentially put their own spin on it. Though many of the aspects are similar, including some of the scoring, there are some innovative features that stand out from the industry norms.

First, here is a look at the dashboard:


Weather forecast and a course outline is included at the top in order to provide the user with as much information as possible. Players are based off of a $100,000 salary cap or exactly double that of DK’s $50,000 cap, so the values are easily convertible if choosing to play both sites. Six golfers are required to be selected and the only requirement is that they cumulatively do not exceed the cap. There are no “worst scores dropped” rules or any unnecessarily cute additions to determining the standings. Selecting rosters is very similar to what users have already become accustomed to.

However, the scoring provides a unique combination of tweaks on what is “par for the course” in fantasy industry, which gives its product a distinctive game play. The first thing a user will likely notice is tournament finish points will not be awarded until after play has finished therefore making it a sweat until the very end.

The standings scoring works as follows:

1st: 25 points
2nd: 20 points
3rd: 15 points
4th: 13 points
5th: 12 points
6th: 11 points
7th: 10 points
8th: 9 points
9th: 8 points
10th: 7 points
11th-15th: 6 points
16th-20th: 5 points
21st-25th: 4 points
26th-30th: 3 points
31st-40th: 2 points
41st-50th: 1 point
51+: 0 points

…and here are how points are awarded on a hole-to-hole basis:

Birdies earn a golfer five points as opposed to three on opposing sites. Eagles earned a golfer 10 points as opposed to eight on opposing sites. Finally, FantasyDraft’s bogey system deducts two points from a golfer for a double bogey and -3 for worse than a double bogey as compared to simply -1 on sites such as DK. While the system sort of evens itself out, the point is further reward guys for positive outcomes and further punish them for negative ones.

Finally, FantasyDraft differentiates themselves by awarding one-of-kind scoring on birdie streaks. Not only do they include the standard of a “three birdies or better” streak but they take it even further with a streak of four and five-plus birdies. Last but not least, a hole in one is worth 20 fantasy points on FantasyDraft…or double the industry standard. If/when a player aces one, it is now both a true game changer in real life and on the fantasy scoreboard.

The opening week’s contests include $1, $5 and $25 ($5,000 prize pool) tournaments, $0.25-$25 double ups and guaranteed 50/50s from $1-$50 among plenty of other contest formats. Head on over and make sure to use RotoCurve’s referral link in the process in order to take advantage of all the potential incentives.

Good luck and see you all in the PayoutZone!


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