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Joshua Chovan aka “thechovanone” here, and I’m happy to bring you yet another edition of “Chovan’s Choice”!

First Thoughts

What up guys?  Bryce was so nice last night and his 63.1 FanDuel points he threw up against the Braves should be one of the highest scores of the entire season.  I was happy to see that several of our members took my advice and locked him in.

I am all about #Transparency so I will admit that despite my professed love for Bryce in this column I let some outside forces talk me out of fitting him into my cash teams with Kershaw.  I can guarantee you I won’t let THAT ever happen again.

Time to get back in the win column and I actually really like this slate here tonight so lettuce get into it.

A reminder: It is VERY important to follow both myself and RotoCurve on Twitter for late breaking news and what to do with that late news and how it should affect your lineup construction for MLB and NBA. The MLB tools and articles are second to none, so be sure to hop on board!

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Lets go make the buckies tonight!

For reference, plays are based on FanDuel salaries and scoring.

As always, we are doing PREMIUM CHAT so RC subs and I can chat about the slate ahead, this will be available at the bottom of this page for premium members! I will be in the chat from 5-6 PM EST from Monday to Friday!

My Core Five

James Paxton

Both Noah Syndergaard and Stephen Strasburg have developed a cult following that borders on bizarre and you would think that they could do no wrong ever (which is very false).  In cash games, we want to take calculated risks while still being safe and one of those is to fade the chalk pitcher for a guy who is almost as safe but comes at a much cheaper price tag.  Our own analyst Brian Healy did that last night by instead of Kershaw in cash he rostered Tanaka against the awful White Sox.  Some nights we just don’t have a mid range pitcher in an elite spot and we just follow the herd and roster the Kershaws and Synderbae’s in cash, but most nights we have a guy like James Paxton.

Through the first three games of this season, Paxton has actually been a better DFS and real life pitcher than either Syndergaard or Strasburg and he gets an elite matchup here.  All that James Paxton has done thus far this season is rack up a 29.8-percent strikeout rate while only walking 5.3-percent of the batters he has faced.  That is music to our ears from both a cash game and tournament perspective.  Now as we always do in this column we will look to our chosen pitcher’s opposition tonight.  Well hello there terrible, awful, no good, very bad Oakland Athletics!!

This Oakland team strikes out sixth most of any team in Major League Baseball and outside of Krush Davis does not have a hitter that scares me.

Hot take of the night is that my boy James Paxton outscores both Syndergaard and Strasburg at a fraction of their ownership. Enjoy.


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