Don’t like salary caps? Don’t like making lineups, looking through hundreds of players and trying to fit all the players together like a puzzle? Not a fan of getting every player but one correct and losing money?


It’s interesting, as onomatopoeia is the best way to describe the word “boom”. But the best onomatopoeic word to describe Boom is “WOW”. It’s a different way to play fantasy sports.


How To Play on Boom Fantasy

Step 1Sign up at Boom!

Step 2 – Select your contests. There are a variety of contests to choose from, anywhere from a H2H matchup or playing against many others.

Step 3 – Play. This is the fun part. Of course, player performance matters most. But it’s different with boom. Rather than picking the player with the most points at a certain price, you simply answer questions.


Keep in mind, if you choose an underdog and they “win” the pick, more bonus points are rewarded. For example if the question is more assists between Chris Paul and Elfrid Payton, if Payton is the pick and the correct choice, more bonus points are awarded.

Those are the kind of questions you see at Boom, until you get to the final question where you give your answer. This works as a tiebreaker, and there are no “choices” but it’s your customized answer. For example, how many points will DeMarcus Cousins score. You guess, and the closest determines a tiebreaker of those who answered the most questions correctly.


Two Ways To Play

1. Pick ‘Em – You will earn points based on how the player performs, but you will also earn points for selecting the right player in a given question.

2. Jackpot – Get ALL your questions right (either four or eight), and you can win a jackpot. This is the way to win BIG at Boom Fantasy with their Progressive Jackpots and the Million Dollar Jackpot. The highest the entry fee, the harder it is to win but of course with more reward.

  • $1 Mighty Dollar: Four questions
  • $2 Progressive: Eight questions.
  • $3 Jackpot: Eight questions and a $100,000 prize!
  • $4 Jackpot: Eight questions and a $1,000,000 prize!


Which Sports Are Offered?

Currently, Boom offers NFL, NBA, PGA, NCAAM and Tennis. They also offer MLB and on their website it shows they are offering other smaller sports as well such as collegiate athletics!

Boom is currently on iOS with plans to launch in the Android market as well. They are not eligible in certain states, per their terms of service: Alabama, Arizona, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, Tennessee, Virginia, and Washington.



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